1:1 WORK

The warm afterglow of a heart orgasm...

Mmmmmmm… I’m sitting in the warm afterglow of a beautiful heart orgasm, which brought me so much joy that I laughed for 2 minutes straight afterwards. Yes, yes, yes! 

My practice today was a slow-burn… for the first 40 minutes I was feeling mostly sensual aliveness and so much self love, but then suddenly in the last 5 minutes it shifted and this enormous, joyful orgasm bubbled up from my yoni and into my heartspace. 

I love slow-burn practices like this. Where there’s no goal or haste, just a long process of gently awakening the body and stoking the fires of arousal if they wish to burn today. I LOVE it when profound pleasure unexpectedly bubbles up to overwhelm me from that space. 

Something that really helps me get into that slow, goal-less space, is using guided audio practices. Being guided back to presence over and over again, being invited to slow down if habitual patterns or goal-oriented impulses pop up. 

Today, I was using the Rose Cave pleasure practice audio which I have just finished creating and, although I do say so myself, it was pretty darn wonderful! 

AND…. great news! I’ve made this practice specifically to share. If you’d like to experience the magic of being guided in a self-pleasure journey (and perhaps experience heart orgasms yourself!), I will soon be sharing the Rose Cave practice as a gift for everyone who has been working with the three Exquisite Pleasure practices available via the home page of my website. 

If you’d like to receive these three into practices, and the longer Rose Cave practice when it’s available, you can register to receive them all at the bottom of this webpage.


2 December 2022