Welcome! It’s a delight to be here with you, and I celebrate you for taking some time in your day to prioritise your pleasure. 

I’m Deborah, and I’m deeply passionate about people with yonis experiencing exquisite orgasmic pleasure. But I’m not just talking about a slightly longer buzzing feeling in the clitoris… I’m talking total, wild surrender to waves of pleasure coursing through the whole body: using orgasm as a portal to transcendent, mystical states of surrender and oneness.

The path to unlock our true orgasmic potential is a journey down from the busy analytical mind, into the sweet, tender feeling landscape of our bodies. As a collective, we tend to be over-focused in our heads. We’ve been taught to value the rational, logical, decision-making functions of the mind over the intuitive, subtle, feeling experiences of the body. But exquisite orgasms are not found in the mind - they happen when we can truly surrender into the sensations of the body.

It’s my pleasure to offer you a free Exquisite Pleasure pack of 3 practices, which introduce simple tools for cultivating sensual body-presence. After practicing with each short guided audio a few times, you’ll have these tools at your fingertips during self-pleasure or lovemaking: if you notice that you’ve fallen back into habitual sexual patterns, over-thinking or mental fantasy, you can choose to use one of these tools to come back to the present moment sensations instead.

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In the pack you’ll learn a body meditation practice to help you become more sensitive to the subtle sensations of your yoni and pleasure organs - whole new WORLDS of pleasurable sensations can open up as we develop more sensitivity through this practice! You’ll learn a breathing practice that can awaken and circulate energy within your body’s circuits, and give you a doorway into altered states of consciousness if you were getting lost in your head. And finally, you’ll learn a sounding practice that can help to move energy throughout the body using your own voice’s vibration. This is a great tool for liberating any blocks AND awakening or heightening whole-body energy orgasms.


For a long time before we worked together, I knew I wanted to do this sexual healing work, but couldn't get anywhere, so I just waited for a guide to show up for me, and when I met Deborah, I knew it was her. Especially in the beginning, most of the sessions I had tears coming down. Deborah was holding such a loving, caring and accepting space that it didn't really matter...it felt so natural and welcomed. The feminine allowing presence that was there, her intuition and ability to take me deeper and deeper was just incredible. How she could celebrate me in the places where I only found darkness, pain and judgement was more healing than I could ever express with my words here. The flame of sacred sexuality is remembered and relit in me and I will be embracing it, nurturing it, loving it and fuelling it as I continue forward. I got to keep so many beautiful personalized meditations and practices that I will keep in my toolbox, as well as transmissions that my body received and that will keep working me, sending the ripple effect out into the world and everywhere I will be. Thank you woman from the bottom of my heart and from my being for all that you are and for all that you are offering, it is so so needed in this world. With blessing and love."

- Nene

Choosing to invite more pleasure into our lives is a radical act of reclaiming our sovereignty: observing the social conditioning that says we should push, do more, be more effective… and instead choosing to soften into pleasure-filled states of simply being. You are already enough. You deserve to prioritise your joy and pleasure. Thank you for being part of this revolution of pleasure, by your very presence here today! 

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