1:1 Work

Session are conducted online via Zoom. I also offer in-person sessions (which can include Reiki and massage) at my home on La Palma.

Feminine Awakening Coaching 

My Feminine Awakening programme is a deep dive into the sacred feminine world of pleasure. It will help you to unlock your next level of feminine sexual radiance and feel more connected with the juicy, sensual abundance of life.

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Package of 3 Sessions

If you want to experience this transformational work but are not quite ready to dive into Feminine Awakening then I offer a package of 3 sessions for you to explore the benefits of my Womb Anchoring practices. 



Womb Activation or Clearing

I also offer one-off Womb Work sessions to allow you to get a taste of this profound work, or to release a particular block you've become aware of.

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60-75 minutes - £150


"I met Deborah on the beach, she was minding her own business and her energy attracted me to her. Her purity, love and peace was so evident that I ended up having a session with her 2 days later. I was going through a huge energy shift within my body, that I found scary. She provided me with a safe space for me to allow the energy to run through my body without any fear or limitations. Her warmth, gentleness, care and attention made me feel like I was being held by the hand and fully protected, while I completely let go and dived into the deep end. I felt very safe and cared for. Since the session with her, all my fears had disappeared and I am able to mediate freely. I highly recommend her, the love and purity seeps from her being. Thank you very much Deborah, I still count my blessings for meeting you."

- Dunia Ali

"Deborah knows exactly how to help each person experience the letting go and growth that is needed, in a way that is totally loving and compassionate. She is such a powerful force for good and a tremendously gifted healer like she has tapped into a very pure source of information and energy. I experienced the healing of deep emotional and psychological wounds, and a freeing, I was able to drop a few layers of protective armour that I had been wearing to shield myself from exposing the real me to the world and I began to slowly wake up to myself and feel empowered to attain my real life goals. I will forever be grateful to the universe for bringing Deborah into my life. "

- Kat

"Deborah is an amazing healer, full of compassion and a gentleness in her manner that made me feel at ease and relaxed in her presence. During our healing session she pinpointed the cause of a lot of turbulence in my relationships with women and my sisters. She helped me let go of a lot of old burdens that I was carrying and I felt so much happier after the session. My relationship with my female energy has shifted in such a profound way. I would definitely recommend Deborah if you want to get in touch with your female empowered, sensual energy."

- Perveen

Personalised audio of your affirmations and downloads

Add on a personalised audio recording of your affirmations and downloads from a Womb Healing session, designed to directly access the subconscious mind. This can be a very powerful tool to help you stay grounded in the new vibration after the session when you go back to your daily life. You can listen to a sample here. Your recording will be uniquely tailored to your own specific needs and personalised with your name, allowing it to penetrate deeply into your subconscious.



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