Feminine Awakening Coaching

My Feminine Awakening programme is a deep dive into the sacred feminine world of pleasure. It will help you to unlock your next level of feminine sexual radiance and feel more connected with the juicy, sensual abundance of life.



Do you sense the stirring of a wild, sensual feminine energy deep within your being, but feel unsure how to access it? Do you hear the whispers of some primal, ancient wisdom that is telling you that MORE is possible... that there is more to your body, your womanhood, your sexuality, your pleasure, than what you have been taught is possible? 

If so, you are in the right place. Welcome.

After thousands of years of patriarchal wounded-masculine energy leading the way on earth, the majority of us female-bodied humans grow up feeling somewhat disconnected from our bodies, pleasure, sexuality and true feminine power. We may sense that more is possible, and yet not know how to access it. My Feminine Awakening 1:1 programme is designed to support you accessing the depths of pleasure and feminine surrender that are your true birthright.

Over the course of our journey I will teach you how to actually anchor your awareness into your womb and yoni. How to go to her with love, without expectations, and hear her messages and desires. From this place of openness, a whole new way of relating to your pleasure begins to unfold and you can explore what ACTUALLY feels good for you. 

The journey unfolds in three phases:

1) Discovering your 'north star' by getting in touch with what you deeply desire (1-2 sessions)

You will begin by exploring what being in your feminine radiance and authentic sexual power would look like and feel like for you, connecting with the sensually empowered goddess within and FEELING her energy as your own. She will guide and beckon us forward throughout the journey, like a North Star.


2) Releasing all that stands in the way of you embodying her now! (5-6 sessions)

There’s a reason why what you desire is not your reality already. Even if you consciously desire that reality, in your subconscious there will be fears or beliefs that prevent you from having it.

This can be very frustrating… but know that this is SO normal! The unconscious part of our mind wants to keep us safe and is often afraid of change. Lovingly bringing awareness to those hesitant parts of ourselves is a big part of the transformation, because once the subconscious is reassured and on board with what the conscious mind desires, change becomes almost effortless!

The exact topics we cover in this section will depend on your personal life experiences but some example include:

⊚ Exploring your current beliefs about sexuality, femininity and your body in order to uncover subconscious beliefs or fears that no longer serve you. I will guide you in a trauma-informed way using Theta Healing (a powerful method for working with the subconscious, similar to hypnotherapy) to discover, witness and transform those beliefs that no longer serve you, with grace and forgiveness.

⊚ Bringing healing and forgiveness to past situations with lovers, clearing their energies from your heart and womb space, learning any lessons from the experiences so that you can break those unconscious sexual/relationship patterns for good.

⊚ Inner-child work to heal any moments in your childhood where a situation caused you to disconnect from your innocent sexual radiance. To better understand how social conditioning or painful experiences began to affect your relationship with your body and sexuality over time, and bring forgiveness to those experiences. Bringing healing to these experiences allows your pure sexual innocence to shine through again.

⊚ Exploring your connection with your female ancestors and any messages around pleasure or sexuality that you may have inherited from your ancestral line. You can then choose if they still serve you, and consciously decide what beliefs you want to create about your sexuality moving forwards.

⊚ Exploring your relationship with the key male care-givers in your early life, to learn how these dynamics may have shaped your willingness to trust and receive care, love and pleasure from the masculine in your adult life. And this is not only about your ability to receive care and love from male partners… it’s about how much you are willing to trust the Divine Masculine energy of the universe, let go of control and truly surrender into your feminine softness and pleasure.


3) CELEBRATING your beautiful body and sexuality (2-3 sessions)

And we will CELEBRATE your body and sexuality, through rituals that help you to connect with your yoni in entirely new ways - coming to her with reverence and appreciation. Creating a tone of love and celebration in your relationship to your yoni. And also offering an invitation to explore pleasure in new ways. Learning tools that help you to go to her and really FEEL the subtleties of sensation that can ultimately build up into mind-blowing orgasms.

The same three stages are woven throughout the live sessions and home play practices. In the home-play practices you will be supported to explore new ways of connecting with your femininity and pleasure through guided self-touch, meditation, visualisation and breathing practices. You are invited to explore the inner and outer realms of your yoni with new awareness, and learn to drop your presence down INTO her, to really feel what is there. As you anchor your awareness down into her with the practices, there may be deep sadness or anger that needs to be expressed. Releasing that creates space for new energies within your yoni and a deeper access to pleasure. It opens the channel of communication between yoni and heart.

The programme is comprised of 10 live calls of 60-75 minutes and audio recording homeplay tasks for you to do in your own time. It usually lasts for 3 months, but if you feel you need a slightly slower pace we can create more space for that. 

It's a challenge to express the radical shifts that can come about through this deep work in just a few paragraphs, so I warmly invite you to schedule a Discovery Session and we can see if it is aligned for us to work together in this way. 

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