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Resting in the void

I had a beautiful breakthrough yesterday during a session with my coach, releasing subconscious fear about ‘the void’.
Divinity is EVERYTHING: the seen and the unseen; the light and the dark; the yin and the yang; physical objects and the spaces between them. ‘The void’ for me describes a place of nothingness, from which everything can emerge. But, the idea of ‘nothingness’ seemed somehow terrifying until now.
Exploring this yesterday, I tapped into a sense of the void being a cold, dark, empty place of infinite aloneness, that I could not choose to leave. A place of annihilation, where anything that’s no longer serving me is stripped away in a painful process I have no control over. I feared free-falling into a terrifying black hole.
But actually... I can choose to see ‘the void’ in a totally different way. For some time I have been aware of a beautiful, cosy, creative cosmic womb space that I can access in my meditations. A place of infinite creative potential and nurturing. I really enjoy bathing in that space and feeling the infinite love, expansiveness and possibilities there. Amazing inspiration comes to me from there.
Yesterday I realised that the infinitely creative womb-space IS the void! The terrifying abyss of nothingness which I pictured does not exist, except in the minds of humans who have been programmed to fear eternal damnation and being cut off from God’s love. The void is truly a warm, nurturing, maternal place of infinite potential and possibility. Ahhhhh, it is unbelievably soothing for my whole being to remember this!
It’s so much fun discovering and releasing more and more layers of collective subconscious programming. We create our experience of reality through our beliefs, most of which are subconscious. The more we releases or transform beliefs that do not serve us, the freer we are for magic to flow through us effortlessly.
6th March 2021