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Reclaiming the sacred, organic pleasure of your nipples…

 Do your nipples sometimes feel either numb, or overly sensitive?

I experienced this for over a decade. In my first two long relationships my partners’ touch on my nipples would often be repulsive to me, as they were so sensitive. Only when I was already turned on and close to orgasm would my body be open to receive touch on my nipples.

Now, I understand what was happening. From my teenage years, I and my partners had approached my nipples with a hungry, grabby energy. Seeing them as an accelerator towards the end goal of orgasm, and touching them quickly and sometimes even roughly in order to get to that goal faster, and always with an extractive energy of TAKING pleasure from them.

Over time, this habitual grabby energy and over-stimulation caused the natural sensitivity of my nipples to become distorted. For me, this resulted in over-sensitivity, but for others it can show up as numbness. Oh, my poor sweet nipples - I am so sorry for how I treated you and allowed you to be treated by others in my unconsciousness!

In the last few years I’ve been lovingly restoring my breasts and nipples to their true, organic energetic state. Now they love to receive gentle, nourishing, devotional touch and it awakens a delicious slow-burn sensuality for me, rather than a race towards orgasm.

Here are some top practices for reclaiming the natural pleasurable sensitivity of your nipples:

✨ Spend time intentionally connecting with your nipples, perhaps looking at your breasts in a mirror to do this. Speak loving words to your nipples about their beauty, sensitivity, perfection. Feel whatever emotions arise in you as you do this.

✨ Breathe down into your nipples for a few minutes. Feel whatever is there. If it’s numbness, really allow yourself to be with that numbness, breathing yourself deeper into it. If it’s rage, or tingling, be with that. On your exhalations you can sound out whatever sensations you’re experiencing in your nipples.

✨ Breathe into your heart and imagine your heart expanding with love. Pour that love out into your breasts and nipples, imagining it washing away past experiences and imprints that no longer serve you.

✨ Give yourself a gentle breast massage, and explore different strokes on your breasts and also your nipples if they are open to receive that. Allow yourself to experience whatever sensations or emotions arise as fully as you can.

Yes, yes, yes to restoring our bodies to more of their delicious, natural, sweet sensitivity! 

Sending so much love,


6th February 2023