1:1 WORK

Loving the inner child

How often do you place your hand on your heart and speak words of tenderness to yourself? How often do you look in the mirror and say, ‘I love you. You’re beautiful.’? How often do you caress and embrace your own body with love?
We have been taught and conditioned to look outside of ourselves for validation, approval and love. Taught that we are not enough, so we end up in a constant cycle of seeking some external source of fulfilment and reassurance without ever finding it.
The answer to what we are looking for is only ever found within. The more tenderness and compassion with which we hold our own aching hearts or hurt inner child, the more deeply we access our own healing potential and fall into self-love. Then we no longer seek external validation. Our hearts become full of self-love, which can be shared with others from a place of overflow.
What parts of yourself are still sitting in the shadows awaiting your love? How gently and tenderly can you create space to go into those places and love yourself more fully and wholly than ever before? You are perfect exactly as you are - so very deserving of love and compassion NOW, in this moment and in every moment.
1st March 2021