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How I healed numbness in my yoni and awakened her true orgasmic potential

For over a decade, I didn’t feel much at all internally when I made love. There were several painful tender spots in my vagina, and the rest was largely just numb. My pleasure and orgasms almost exclusively came from my clitoris.


This is partly why I was reliant on mental fantasies to orgasm… sex was either kind of bland, or even actively painful. So it was better to escape into the mental realms than actually be present with the ‘meh’ or even painful physical sensations I was experiencing.


Eventually I realised that there must be more to sex than this - thank goddess! And over time I intentionally worked with the numbness until it slowly evaporated. It’s now a pleasure to be fully present with the delicious sensations arising in my yoni. The depths of exquisitely pleasurable sensitivity that I experience in my vagina and cervix are beyond anything I could have imagined 10 years ago!


I believe that having a sensitive, pleasure-filled yoni like this is every woman’s birthright. That’s why I am passionate about sharing the tools that have most helped me in restoring my yoni to her natural sensitivity. Here are a few of the tools that have been most helpful for me:


  • Giving myself yoni massage and de-armouring, and teaching my partners how to do the same. (If you'd like to receive a detailed guide on how to do this, shoot me an email via the contact page, and I'll send it over to you). 


  • Tuning in deeply and getting consent from my body every time before she is penetrated by a partner or a sex toy, so that she no longer has to tense and numb out to protect herself from touch that doesn’t feel totally right for her (will share another post soon with tips on how to do this).


  • SLOWING DOWN in lovemaking. Letting the process of the penis or toy entering my body take long, delicious minutes where I can really tune into what my body desires in each moment, and give expression to any tenderness or sensitivity as it arises, instead of trying to rush past it.


Yes, yes, yes to more fully alive, ecstatically sensitive yonis in the world! If you experiment with any of these tools I'd love to hear how they are for you. 


 13th February 2023