In 2020 I experienced a devastating breakup, and with it came a phenomenal breakthrough.

I finally realised that I couldn’t keep expecting that a man would take me to the heights of tantric bliss that I felt calling me… I needed to take responsibility for becoming my OWN best lover! 

That year, I committed to regular self-pleasure as a part of my practice of self-love. I came to my yoni over and over again without any agenda or expectation that she give me pleasure… simply with loving curiosity and a desire to learn more about the mysteries she held.

And thing began to shift... quickly!

I began to have deeper, more satisfying and even transcendental orgasmic experiences. But I also began to experience my sexual energy as a potent source of nourishment and joy that could enliven every aspect of my life. And my self-pleasure became part of my devotional worship of the Mystery of Life. This was my initiation into the true mysteries of sacred sexuality… of merging ever-deeper with the Beloved within me. 

When I later entered a partnership again, I was no longer looking to my partner for my sexual fulfilment… I had that within me, and everything I shared with my partner was a beautiful celebration of my inner reality. This sexual sovereignty was a foundation for experiencing more intimacy and safety in the relationship than I could have ever imagined possible before.  


"Incredible... it's been life changing. I'm so grateful for it all. It's opened me up whilst supporting me to feel more whole. Deborah you are a beautiful healing medicine woman."

- Lynsey

When I first began to devote myself to regularly self-pleasuring back in 2020, I didn't really know what to do. I had habitual ways of touching my body that could bring a fairly reliable clitoral orgasm and sense of release, but I lacked inspiration and knowledge of how to move beyond that to the next level I felt awaiting me. 

So I devoted myself to studying! I learned multiple tools and practices under different teachers (from jade egg work, to yoni-de-armouring, work with archetypes, devotional Tantric rituals and much more). I found out what worked most effectively to help me have deeper, more fulfilling sacred sexual experiences with myself and my partners.


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“I left every session feeling so much love for myself and feeling excited to try new things and explore… Debs is a trustworthy and gifted guide when it comes to exploring, reconnecting, and reclaiming the sensual and sexual parts of yourself. Can’t recommend her enough!"

- Rachel O

What I learned in that process is the core of the work I now share. A foundational part of the 1:1 containers I offer is a very precisely curated journey of self-pleasure, all designed based on the self-pleasure tools I've found to be most effective through my years of study. You won't just learn the theory and principles of pleasure... you will be guided specifically in the practice and embodiment of it. And my clients agree - this REALLY works! 

You can download my Exquisite Pleasure starter pack using the button below and experience being guided to connect with your sexual energy in new ways. The practices are designed to bring you down out of the mind and into deeper connection with the subtle sensations of your body. And if you're a single woman who'd like to be deeply supported into the next level of your sexual liberation and expression, I invite you to check out my 1:1 programme Soulful Solo Sex here. 


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